What is KAU and KAG in the Kinesis Money System?


Learn what KAU and KAG are, how to purchase them, and their benefits. KAU is equivalent to one gram of gold, and KAG is equivalent to one ounce of silver. Explore the Kinesis system today!

In the evolving landscape of digital currencies and investment options, KAU and KAG stand out as innovative solutions combining the stability of precious metals with the convenience of modern financial systems. This lesson explores what KAU and KAG are, their unique benefits, and how to purchase and use them within the Kinesis system. By understanding KAU and KAG, you’ll discover how to integrate these precious metal-backed digital currencies into your financial strategy, enhancing security and utility.

What is KAU?

KAU is a digital currency equivalent to one gram of gold. Representing a tangible asset, KAU combines the intrinsic value of gold with the flexibility and accessibility of digital currency. Each KAU token is fully backed by physical gold stored in secure, insured vaults, ensuring that the value of your investment remains stable over time.

Understanding KAU

  • Physical Backing: KAU is directly tied to gold, providing a stable and reliable store of value.
  • Legal Ownership: When you purchase KAU, you legally own the corresponding amount of physical gold.
  • Versatility: KAU can be used for transactions and investments and as a hedge against inflation.

What is KAG?

KAG is a digital currency equivalent to one ounce of silver. Like KAU, KAG is backed by physical silver stored in secure vaults, offering the stability of silver’s intrinsic value and the convenience of digital transactions.

Understanding KAG

  • Silver Backing: KAG represents a direct ownership of physical silver, ensuring its value.
  • Legal Ownership: Purchasing KAG grants you legal title to the corresponding amount of silver.
  • Utility: KAG can be used for everyday transactions and investments to diversify your asset portfolio.

The Kinesis System

The Kinesis system revolutionizes how we interact with gold and silver by digitalizing these precious metals. Kinesis offers a seamless blend of traditional asset security and modern financial flexibility through KAU and KAG.

Key Features of Kinesis

  • Secure Storage: Kinesis ensures that the gold and silver backing KAU and KAG are stored in secure, insured vaults.
  • Global Accessibility: KAU and KAG can be accessed and used globally, making them ideal for international transactions.
  • Kinesis Exchange: The exchange allows users to trade KAU and KAG easily, ensuring liquidity and competitive pricing.

How to Purchase KAU and KAG

Thanks to the Kinesis system, purchasing KAU and KAG is straightforward. Two primary methods for acquiring these digital currencies are the Kinesis Exchange and the Kinesis Mint.

Kinesis Exchange

The Kinesis Exchange facilitates the conversion of fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies into KAU and KAG. This platform ensures that users can quickly and easily purchase KAU and KAG, benefiting from real-time pricing and secure transactions.

Kinesis Mint

For more significant transactions, the Kinesis Mint is the preferred method. The mint requires a minimum purchase of 100 KAU or 200 KAG and offers competitive pricing through a sophisticated algorithm. This ensures that you receive the best possible value for your investment.

Conversion Methods

  • Small Amounts: Use the Kinesis Exchange for smaller transactions.
  • Large Amounts: Use the Kinesis Mint for bulk purchases, ensuring optimal pricing.

Legal Ownership and Storage

You buy legally titled gold or silver when you purchase KAU or KAG. This means that the physical metals are stored in secure, insured vaults, and you hold the legal title. This legal structure provides peace of mind, knowing that your assets are safe and fully backed by tangible value.

The Kinesis Card

The Kinesis Card transforms how you spend KAU and KAG. You can use KAU and KAG just like traditional currencies by linking digital currencies to a physical card. Whether buying groceries or dining out, the Kinesis Card allows you to make everyday purchases easily.

Spending KAU and KAG

  • Everyday Transactions: Use KAU and KAG for daily expenses, from coffee to larger purchases.
  • Global Acceptance: The Kinesis Card is accepted worldwide, providing unparalleled convenience for international spending.

Global Transactions

One of the standout features of KAU and KAG is their ability to facilitate fast and cost-effective global transactions. Traditional currency conversions often involve high fees and lengthy processing times. In contrast, KAU and KAG transactions are swift and economical, making them ideal for international transfers.

Efficiency and Savings

  • Time-Saving: Send and receive KAU and KAG globally in seconds.
  • Cost-Effective: Avoid high conversion fees and enjoy competitive exchange rates.

Kinesis Yields

Holding or spending KAU and KAG within the Kinesis system entitles you to Kinesis yields. This unique feature allows users to earn a passive income based on their activity within the system.

Earning Yields

  • Minting: Users who mint KAU and KAG receive yields based on their contribution.
  • Holding: Simply holding KAU and KAG can generate yields over time.
  • Spending: Even spending KAU and KAG can earn you yields, incentivizing regular use.

Competitive Pricing

The Kinesis Mint employs a specialized algorithm to provide the best real-time pricing for KAU and KAG. This ensures you always receive the most favorable rates when converting your money into these digital currencies.

Pricing Algorithm

  • Real-Time Updates: Prices are continuously updated to reflect the current market conditions.
  • Best Value: The algorithm ensures you get the best possible deal for your investment.

Acting as Your Own Central Bank

By purchasing KAU or KAG, you effectively act as your central bank. Holding real gold or silver provides a stable store of value, protecting your assets from inflation and economic instability.

Personal Financial Sovereignty

  • Asset Security: Gold and silver have long been recognized as safe investments.
  • Financial Control: Holding KAU and KAG gives you direct control over your wealth.

Daily Use of KAU

KAU is not just an investment; it can also be used for everyday purchases. With the Kinesis Card, you can easily use KAU to buy groceries, meals, and more.

Practical Applications

  • Convenience: Use KAU for everyday transactions just like traditional currency.
  • Flexibility: KAU can be used anywhere the Kinesis Card is accepted locally and internationally.

Benefits of KAU and KAG

Using KAU and KAG within the Kinesis system offers numerous advantages, including saving time and money, providing stability, and avoiding traditional conversion rates and fees.

Key Benefits

  • Stability: Backed by gold and silver, KAU and KAG offer a reliable store of value.
  • Cost Savings: Avoid traditional banking fees and enjoy competitive exchange rates.
  • Convenience: Use KAU and KAG for everyday transactions and global transfers easily.


What is KAU?

KAU is a digital currency equivalent to one gram of gold-backed by physical gold stored in secure vaults.

What is KAG?

KAG is a digital currency equivalent to one ounce of silver, backed by physical silver stored in secure vaults.

How do I purchase KAU and KAG?

You can purchase KAU and KAG through the Kinesis Exchange for smaller amounts or the Kinesis Mint for more significant transactions.

What are the benefits of using KAU and KAG?

KAU and KAG offer stability, cost savings, and convenience for everyday transactions and global transfers.

Can I use KAU and KAG like regular currency?

Yes, with the Kinesis Card, you can use KAU and KAG for everyday purchases and international transactions.

What are Kinesis yields?

Kinesis yields are a form of passive income earned by minting, holding, or spending KAU and KAG within the Kinesis system.


KAU and KAG represent a revolutionary approach to digital currency, combining the intrinsic value of gold and silver with the flexibility of modern financial systems. By understanding and utilizing KAU and KAG, you can enhance your monetary strategy, ensuring stability and utility in your investments and transactions. Whether looking to store value, make everyday purchases, or facilitate global transactions, KAU and KAG offer a robust and innovative solution within the Kinesis system.

Kinesis Money Review – Learn & Earn: Lesson 3 – What is KAU and KAG


This lesson focuses on understanding KAU and KAG, digital assets representing real gold and silver, respectively. KAU is equivalent to one gram of gold, while KAG is equivalent to one ounce of silver. The video explains the process of purchasing these assets and their practical uses.

What are KAU and KAG?

KAU and KAG are digital representations of real gold and silver. When you purchase KAU, you buy one gram of gold; when you purchase KAG, you buy one ounce of silver. These assets are legally titled to you and stored in a network of secure vaults.

How to Purchase KAU and KAG

There are two primary methods to convert your money into KAU and KAG:

Kinesis Exchange

The Kinesis exchange allows you to purchase small amounts of KAU and KAG. This platform lets you exchange your fiat currency or cryptocurrencies for these gold and silver-based currencies.

Kinesis Mint

For larger purchases, the Kinesis mint is the preferred method. The minimum purchase amount is 100 KAU or 200 KAG. The mint uses a special pricing algorithm to determine the best available price in real-time, providing competitive pricing for your purchase.

Benefits of KAU and KAG

Acting as Your Own Central Bank

When you purchase KAU or KAG, you act effectively as your central bank. You hold real gold or silver stored in a secure vault and digitalized into your Kinesis account. This allows you to manage and spend your assets like any other currency.

Kinesis Card

One key benefit of KAU and KAG is that they can be spent globally using the Kinesis card. This card lets you use your digital gold and silver for everyday purchases worldwide. For example, you can buy a sandwich from your local bakery with a simple swipe of your Kinesis card.

Global Transactions

KAU and KAG can be sent across the globe in seconds, providing a fast and cost-effective alternative to traditional currency conversions. This feature is handy for sending money abroad, saving you time and money by avoiding the pitfalls of conventional currency conversion rates and fees.

Kinesis Yields

Participants who mint and hold or spend KAU and KAG are entitled to Kinesis yields, which provide a passive income. These yields accumulate on every transaction you make, offering a long-term financial benefit.

Practical Example: Susan’s Journey

The video illustrates the practical use of KAU through Susan’s example. Susan purchases 100 KAU through the Kinesis Mint. Her gold is stored in a secure vault and digitalized into her Kinesis account. She can now use the Kinesis card to spend her KAU like any other currency. Susan also regularly sends money abroad, finding the process quick and cost-effective with Kinesis currencies.


KAU and KAG offer a modern and efficient way to hold and use real gold and silver. Through Kinesis yields, they provide the benefits of legal ownership, competitive pricing, global transaction capabilities, and passive income. Users can manage their wealth flexibly and efficiently by understanding and utilizing these digital assets.

Date: May 20, 2024
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