The Evolution of Money: Insights from Robert Kiyosaki and Andrew Maguire


Discover insights from Robert Kiyosaki and Andrew Maguire on the evolution of money, the importance of precious metals, and the impact of fiat currency devaluation in this detailed discussion.

Money has evolved drastically over the centuries, transitioning from bartering goods to the sophisticated financial systems we have today. In “The Evolution of Money,” a discussion featuring Robert Kiyosaki, the renowned author of the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” series, and Andrew Maguire, a precious metals expert, viewers are given a deep dive into the current state of the global economy, the role of precious metals, and the looming threat posed by fiat currency devaluation. This episode of LFTV sheds light on why investing in gold and silver is more crucial than ever for safeguarding wealth.

The Importance of Precious Metals

Early Investment in Gold and Silver

Robert Kiyosaki has long advocated for investing in precious metals. During the discussion, he emphasizes his early investments in silver and gold, highlighting their historical undervaluation and the strategic advantage of holding physical assets over fiat currency. Kiyosaki’s experience underscores the critical importance of tangible wealth in uncertain economic times.

Fiat Currency Devaluation

The devaluation of fiat currencies, particularly the US dollar, is a significant concern. Kiyosaki and Maguire discuss how ongoing money printing and fiscal policies lead to a loss of purchasing power. As fiat currencies become increasingly unstable, the value of precious metals like gold and silver remains robust, providing a hedge against inflation and economic downturns.

Understanding Financial Systems

Kiyosaki and Maguire delve into the complexities of the financial system, discussing market manipulation and the often hidden truths behind monetary policies. Understanding these systems is crucial for making informed investment decisions and recognizing the value of precious metals compared to fiat currencies.

The Role of Central Banks

Accumulation of Gold

Central banks worldwide have been quietly accumulating gold reserves. This strategic move signals a potential shift towards gold-backed currencies in the future, highlighting the metal’s enduring value and stability. Kiyosaki and Maguire explore how central banks’ actions could reshape global economic landscapes.

Impact on Future Currency Stability

The accumulation of gold by central banks suggests a diminishing confidence in fiat currencies. As central banks prepare for possible future shifts towards gold-backed systems, individuals investing in gold and silver can benefit from these precious metals’ increasing value and stability.

The Kinesis System and Blockchain Technology

Introduction to Kinesis

Andrew Maguire introduces Kinesis, a revolutionary system that digitizes gold on the blockchain. This technology allows for transparent and secure transactions, making it easier for individuals to hold and trade gold. The Kinesis system represents a new paradigm in wealth management, combining the stability of gold with the flexibility of digital currencies.

Benefits of Kinesis

The Kinesis system offers several advantages, including reduced risks associated with traditional storage methods, increased transaction transparency, and the potential for generating yields from holding gold. These benefits make Kinesis an attractive option for modern investors looking to secure their wealth in a volatile economic environment.

Economic Predictions and Historical Context

Continued Money Printing

Kiyosaki predicts that central banks will continue printing money to address economic challenges, further devaluing fiat currencies. This ongoing devaluation underscores the need for investing in stable assets like gold and silver, which historically hold their value despite economic fluctuations.

Personal Stories and Historical Context

Throughout the discussion, Kiyosaki shares anecdotes from his time in Vietnam and his early experiences with gold. These stories provide a historical context to the conversation, illustrating the enduring value of precious metals and the lessons learned from past economic events.

Understanding Gresham’s Law

The Principle of Bad Money Driving Out Good

Gresham’s Law states that “bad money drives out good money.” This principle is crucial in understanding the dynamics of fiat currency and precious metals. As fiat currencies lose value, individuals and institutions are more likely to hoard valuable assets like gold and silver, leading to a more significant disparity between “bad” and “good” money.

Implications for Investors

For investors, understanding Gresham’s Law means recognizing the importance of holding assets with intrinsic value. As fiat currencies continue to devalue, the demand for gold and silver will likely increase, making these precious metals a wise investment choice.

Manipulation in Silver Markets

Market Manipulation and Its Effects

The discussion also touches on the manipulation in silver markets, a significant concern for investors. Maguire explains how market manipulation can distort prices and create artificial volatility, affecting the perceived value of silver.

Protecting Against Manipulation

Investors can protect themselves from market manipulation by staying informed and choosing secure, transparent investment systems like Kinesis. Understanding the underlying factors influencing market prices can help investors make more strategic decisions.

Security of Investments

Traditional Storage vs. Modern Solutions

Traditional storage methods for precious metals can be risky and cumbersome. The Kinesis system offers a modern solution, providing secure digital storage and easy access to gold and silver investments. This security and convenience make Kinesis an appealing choice for contemporary investors.

Transparency and Trust

Transparency is a crucial benefit of the Kinesis system. By leveraging blockchain technology, Kinesis ensures that all transactions are traceable and verifiable, fostering trust and confidence among investors.

Global Economic Shifts

The Rise of BRICS Nations

The emergence of BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) is challenging the dominance of the US dollar. These countries are increasingly moving towards alternative economic systems, which could lead to significant shifts in global financial power dynamics.

Implications for the US Dollar

As the BRICS nations gain influence, the US dollar’s dominance may wane. This potential shift underscores the importance of diversifying investments and holding assets that are less susceptible to geopolitical and economic changes, such as gold and silver.

Educational Insights

The Importance of Financial Education

Kiyosaki and Maguire stress the importance of financial education in understanding money and making informed investment decisions. Educating oneself about the intricacies of monetary systems and the historical value of precious metals is crucial for long-term financial stability.

Resources for Learning

Numerous resources are available for those interested in learning more about financial systems and precious metals. Books, online courses, and expert discussions, like the one featured in this episode of LFTV, provide valuable insights and knowledge.

The Evolution of Money

From Bartering to Digital Gold

The concept of money has evolved from simple bartering systems to complex digital currencies. This evolution reflects changes in technology, economic policies, and societal needs. The transition to digital gold, as exemplified by the Kinesis system, represents a significant step in this ongoing evolution.

Future Trends and Predictions

The trends suggest a continued shift towards digital currencies and gold-backed systems. These trends highlight the need for individuals to stay informed and adapt their investment strategies to align with these changes.


What is the primary message of “The Evolution of Money” video? The primary message is the critical need to understand fiat currency devaluation and the advantages of investing in precious metals to protect against economic instability and inflation.

Why do Robert Kiyosaki and Andrew Maguire advocate investing in gold and silver? They believe these precious metals provide a stable store of value, protecting against the devaluation of fiat currencies and economic volatility.

What is the Kinesis system, and how does it work? The Kinesis system digitizes gold on the blockchain, allowing for transparent and secure transactions. It combines the stability of gold with the flexibility of digital currencies, offering a modern solution for holding and transacting in precious metals.

How do central banks’ actions influence the value of gold? Central banks’ accumulation of gold signals a potential move towards gold-backed currencies, which can increase the metal’s value and stability. These actions reflect a diminishing confidence in fiat currencies.

What is Gresham’s Law, and why is it relevant today? Gresham’s Law states that “bad money drives out good money,” meaning that devalued currencies tend to circulate more than valuable assets. This principle is relevant today as fiat currencies continue to lose value, highlighting the importance of holding precious metals.

How can investors protect themselves from market manipulation? Investors can protect themselves by staying informed, choosing secure investment systems like Kinesis, and understanding the factors that influence market prices. Transparency and knowledge are key to making strategic investment decisions.


Robert Kiyosaki and Andrew Maguire’s discussion in “The Evolution of Money” emphasizes the critical need to understand the devaluation of fiat currencies and the advantages of investing in precious metals. Holding assets like gold and silver can protect against economic instability and inflation, providing a stable store of value in uncertain times. As the global economic landscape shifts, staying informed and making strategic investments in precious metals can safeguard wealth and ensure long-term financial security.

Kinesis Money Review – Insights from Robert Kiyosaki and Andrew Maguire

In this episode of “Live From the Vault,” Robert Kiyosaki, a renowned personal finance educator, and Andrew Maguire, a precious metals expert, discuss the significant changes and ongoing evolution in the monetary system. They focus on the benefits of investing in gold and silver, highlighting the risks associated with fiat currencies and the advantages of transitioning to asset-backed systems.


The episode begins with Shane Moran introducing the special guests, Robert Kiyosaki and Andrew Maguire. Kiyosaki, known for his “Rich Dad Poor Dad” series, and Maguire, a whistleblower and precious metals expert, dive into a conversation about the current state and future of money.

The Problems with Fiat Currencies

Kiyosaki and Maguire critique fiat currencies, emphasizing their vulnerability to inflation and devaluation. They argue that constant money printing by governments devalues fiat currencies, making tangible assets like gold and silver more attractive for preserving wealth.

Historical Context and Personal Insights

Kiyosaki shares historical insights from his time during the Vietnam War, particularly highlighting the impact of President Nixon’s 1971 decision to take the US dollar off the gold standard. This decision, he argues, marked a significant shift in the monetary system, leading to the current economic challenges.

The Value of Gold and Silver

Both Kiyosaki and Maguire stress the importance of holding physical gold and silver. They argue that these precious metals retain value better than fiat currencies, making them a safer investment. Kiyosaki recounts his personal journey in investing in silver, guided by insights from Maguire.

Introduction to Kinesis

Maguire introduces the Kinesis system, which digitizes gold and silver, making them easier to trade and use in everyday transactions. Kinesis aims to disintermediate the traditional high-friction financial system, providing a transparent and efficient way to manage and spend precious metals.

Global Economic Trends

The discussion moves to global economic trends, particularly how countries like China and India are increasing their gold reserves. This trend signals a shift in economic power and highlights the growing importance of gold and silver in the global economy.

Benefits of the Kinesis System

Maguire elaborates on the benefits of the Kinesis system, including transparency, reduced transaction fees, and the ability to generate yields. He explains how Kinesis integrates blockchain technology to provide a secure and efficient platform for trading and spending precious metals.

Market Manipulation and Transparency

Maguire discusses past and present market manipulations in the precious metals market. He highlights efforts to ensure transparency and fairness, particularly with new regulations requiring physical backing for gold trades.

Closing Remarks

In their closing remarks, Kiyosaki and Maguire emphasize the importance of understanding the value of gold and silver. They encourage viewers to educate themselves about money and consider investing in tangible assets to protect their wealth.

Key Takeaways

  1. Fiat Currencies: Constant money printing devalues fiat currencies, making them less reliable for preserving wealth.
  2. Gold and Silver: Physical gold and silver are safer investments that retain value better than fiat currencies.
  3. Kinesis: A system that digitizes gold and silver, providing a transparent and efficient way to manage and spend these assets.
  4. Global Trends: Countries like China and India are increasing their gold reserves, signaling a shift in economic power.
  5. Market Manipulation: Efforts are underway to ensure transparency and fairness in the precious metals market.
  6. Historical Insights: Key historical moments, such as Nixon’s 1971 decision, have long-term impacts on the economy.
  7. Investment Advice: Investing in tangible assets like gold and silver is recommended to protect wealth.
  8. Education: Understanding the value of money and educating oneself about financial systems is crucial.
  9. Trust in Systems: The importance of systems like Kinesis that provide secure, transparent, and efficient ways to manage assets.
  10. Wealth Protection: Protecting wealth through investments in real assets rather than relying on fiat currencies.

By exploring these topics, Kiyosaki and Maguire provide valuable insights into the evolution of money and the advantages of investing in precious metals. Their discussion underscores the need for a deeper understanding of financial systems and the benefits of asset-backed investments.

Date: May 20, 2024
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